Hosted CRM

Hosted CRM (SaaS CRM) software for an affordable monthly fee. "On-demand" version of our CRM - a managed CRM soluti when the installation, backups and upgrades are handled by us.


Unlimited usersHosted CRM is not priced "per user"

You get unlimited users on all plans with our hosted CRM. Similar CRM systems are priced around $30 per user. Ours is unlimited. 10000 users? No problem.


SaaS CRMCloud CRM = no hardware headaches

The CRM app is hosted on Amazon's cloud servers at "US-East" datacenter, North Virginia. 24x7 monitoring, everyday backups. We keep your data secure even after your account expires!


Custom domainHost your CRM on your own domain-name

Set up a CRM app on your own domain, like "". Learn more...


Secure and reliableYour information is safe with us

Your connection to the hosted CRM is protected with SSL-encryption, the server disks are encrypted and the cloud technology makes us immune to hardware failures.


Simple and straightforwardForget the awkward enterprise CRM systems

We are focused on usability, absolutely no learning curve involved. However we have all the features you expect from a hosted CRM app: contact history, project & deals management, task-reminders, tagging, email-integration and more.


Less than a dollar a dayCheap hosted CRM

Our plans start at $23 a month for unlimited users.

Hosted CRM - screenshot Hosted CRM - screenshot

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Unlimited Hosted CRM for small businesses

This is a hosted version of Jitbit's award-winning CRM Software - the simplest CRM software on the planet is now available as a hosted solution.

And just like our installable version, the SaaS CRM is also unlimited - which means that the price is the same for any number of users.

Be up and running in minutes
with a fully operational hosted CRM system that:

  • Saves your contacts' and partners' history
  • Tracks tasks for every contact and company you work with, sends reminders and exports to MS Outlook
  • Secures your sensitive data with SSL-encryption (https)
  • Fast and reliable - our servers are hosted in Amazon's cloud, N.Virginia datacenter, 24x7 monitoring, everyday backups
  • AFFORDABLE - unlimited users, contacts and companies for less than 20 bucks a month. Unlike similar software that is priced "per seat".
  • Free support and version upgrades
  • Instant setup - just pick a name for your CRM system like "" and be up-and-running instantly
  • Fits any industry – we have clients, who use and love our CRM software, from many different industries: web-developers and designers, universities and other education organisations, eCommerce, real estate and insurance agents, travel agencies, photographers, musicians and artists to name a few.
  • Probably the best online hosted CRM software out there

Integrates with our SaaS Helpdesk

The CRM solution perfectly integrates with our SaaS help desk app - you can review "tickets by company" etc.

Why choose a hosted CRM?

The benefits of the hosted CRM software are:

  • Instant setup, up and running in minutes
  • Leave the installation and hosting of your CRM system to us
  • "SaaS CRM" model - always the latest version, your hosted CRM is upgraded by us. And the upgrades are free forever.
  • Reliable high-bandwidth network
  • Uses the same cloud servers as our hosted help desk customer support ticketing software.
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Hosted CRM