SaaS Help Desk

Support ticket system for your help desk team. This is the "hosted" version, that works in the cloud (we also have an on-premise one).

helpdesk pricing

Unbeatable pricing!Not priced "per agent"

Similar systems are priced around $89 per agent, while our help desk is much cheaper, even on the "Enterprise" plan. Check our pricing here...

hosted on your custom domain

Your domain name + integrationsUse your domain, integrate with your tools

Integrates with Active Directory, JIRA, GitHub, Dropbox etc, name it. Try the simple API, integrate the helpdesk app with your website or use your own domain name, like "".

cloud-hosted support

Hosted by AmazonRuns in the cloud, no hardware headaches

Real "software a s a service" - the help desk app is hosted on our cloud servers at Amazon's datacenters in North Virginia and California, 24x7 monitoring, everyday backups, right next to Reddit and Instagram. We keep your data even if your account expires!


Single sign-on + securityYour information is safe with us

Your connection to the service desk application is protected by SSL, the server's disks are encrypted and the cloud technology makes us immune to hardware failures.

And you can still authenticate your users with your AD, or any other SAML provider

neat, simple ticketing app

All the "must-haves"everything you need from a helpdesk

We are focused on usability, absolutely no learning curve involved. However we have all the features you expect from a ticket system, like asset tracking, file attachments, knowledge base, tagging, ticket-categories, email-integration and even a free email address.

mobile support apps

Free iOS & Android appsYou're gonna love it

Our Helpdesk comes with free helpdesk apps for iPhone and Android, that are optimized for both smartphones and tablets. No need to carry your laptop with you all the time, go mobile! For other smartphones and tablets we have an optimised web-interface, just open our mobile Helpdesk in your browser.

SaaS Help Desk - screenshot SaaS Help Desk - screenshot SaaS Help Desk - screenshot SaaS Help Desk - screenshot
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Bird's-eye view on customer happiness

With our powerful ticket grid view, you will have all the information you need about your customer service right at your fingertips. The ticket grid gives you instant access to all ongoing customer requests and everything related to them – you can quickly see what requires your attention.

Everything you see here updates in real-time. You can save some time since you don't need to constantly refresh the page - the data you see is always current.

The grid comes with a great set of filters you can use to narrow down the tickets shown. Lastly, you can choose which columns you need to see and hide the others.

ticketing grid

Everything is in the right place

No need to dig up that one email a customer wrote three days ago. From now on everything related to a ticket fits on one page. All messages, attachments and a log of your and your teammates actions can be seen in the activity feed ordered chronologically.

techsupport conversation

All the features you need. When you need them.

ticket details

We've designed our Helpdesk to help you deal with support requests daily. We know that helping customers can be mentally and physically exhausting so we did our best to make a system that really helps you get through it without standing in your way.

Jitbit Helpdesk has every feature you need to make your customers happy, while staying happy yourself. Every "must have" helpdesk feature is there – two-way email integration, file attachments, powerful search etc. We have the Knowledge Base module, that eliminates the need to answer the same questions over and over again. We have "canned responses", that make it possible to re-use your answers. And much more.


tagging tickets

Actually answering tickets is just one side of our job – we often need to quickly find something, see other tickets submitted by a customer, group and merge tickets together. In other words, we have to spent time organizing things. We've got you covered.

You can put tickets into different categories for your convenience. For example, we have a separate category for each app we make. Categories grant you many additional benefits – you can assign team members to specific categories, build reports using only the data you need, easily search tickets and much more

Additionally, you can tag tickets. A ticket can have multiple tags assigned – you can use them in addition to categories. For example we add the "review" tag to all tickets we need to review later, or the "feature request" tag to easily find all the ongoing feature requests.


Our Helpdesk comes with a set of beautiful reports to help you measure your team's performance and help you whatch how it changes over time. Reports also give you an idea of what to expect in the near future.

saas helpdesk reports

Automation Rules

You can trust our Automation Rules module to do the most boring parts of your job. Automation Rules are smart filters that let you do various actions on tickets depending on different conditions. It is a really powerful tool, which will save hours for your team.

automation rules

iOS & Android

Handle tickets on the go with our beautiful full-featured iOS & Android apps. Works on both phones and iPads/Tablets and it's really fast even on slow connections. If you don't have an iOS device, just open Helpdesk in your smartphone's browser and use our awesome mobile UI.

iOS and Android techsupport apps

Not just "another SaaS help desk software"

We will save you some time and point out the key reasons why this hosted help desk software is different:

  • Affordable - The monthly fee is only $29 with the cheapest plan. We even have an unlimited plan that allows any number of agents for the same price. Compare with competitors
  • Full-blown - our Helpdesk has everything you'd expect from a help desk software: 2-way email-integration, reports, simple UI, file-attachments, asset-management etc. You'll find the detailed features list below.

Why hosted is better?

We keep it fast and secure - we spend hours fine-tuning our helpdesk server and keeping it online, optimizing the database speeds, applying security patches, setting up backups... So you don't have to.

We use it ourselves! - our own support is handled by a hosted help desk instance that lives on the same server as our customers.

We made it affordable - our monthly fee is less than 30 bucks for the basic plan. No catch.

This is a hosted (saas) version of our award winning "downloadable" HelpDesk ticketing system. You're just 2 clicks away from trying it.

Easy to try

Instant setup - just sign up for free and pick a URL for your helpdesk (like ""). You can change this URL later or even set up a custom domain for your helpdesk. Be up-and-running instantly.

More SaaS benefits:

  • Instant setup, your help desk will be up and running in minutes, we even cancelled the setup fee.
  • Always the latest version - your support app is upgraded by us and the upgrades are free forever. The hosted version is even updated more frequently than the "self-hosted" one.
  • Leave the installation, backups and performance-tuning to us.
  • Reliable high-bandwidth network and other known benefits of a SaaS help desk
  • more details

Help Desk features at a glance

  • It's secure - your sensitive data is protected with SSL-encryption (https)
  • It's multilingual
  • It checks your support mailbox and converts emails to tickets
  • It's fast & reliable - our servers are hosted at Amazon's datacenter, more info here
  • It's affordable - less than a dollar a day for the "freelancer" plan.
  • Free support and version upgrades
  • Knowledge-base, Reporting, Asset-tracking and File-attachments - all the features that a help desk app should have
  • Customizable you can change the colors, even add your own logo to the design.
  • Single-sign-on - we offer an authentication API for existing web-applications
  • Support widget that you can place on your website - just two lines of JavaScript and you have a support form on your website.
  • Probably the best SaaS ticketing system out there
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