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Saas Ticket System

Since many businesses have migrated online, ticket systems have become popular. Ticket systems are a simple means for providing help and support to customers. When customers need assistance, they go to the company's support form, fill it out, and then send the form over to be answered. Forms are usually categorized by subject and order of importance. If you are in need of a support ticketing system, then you will want to give the saas ticket system created by Jitbit a good long look.

How is Jitbit's Saas Ticket System different?

Jitbit SaaS help desk is:

  1. Focused on email and live chat
  2. Priced much lower than the competition with a comparable feature set
  3. We obsess about the easy and clean UI

Aside from the steep costs, many ticket systems are hard to set up and use. Some business owners have found that they must read through many tutorials to understand how to use the ticket system they have purchased. Complicated scripts must be installed, and the user interface looks as though it has been designed for a brainiac. Jitbit have eliminated this issue too by keeping the software idiot proof.

The saas ticket system by Jitbit has an easy-to-use interface that requires practically no skill at all to navigate through and use. When it comes to features, Jitbit's system really packs a punch. The most notable features include file attachments, asset tracking, tagging, knowledge base, email integration and ticket categories. You will also receive a free email address for your support inquires or you can connect your own in seconds. You can integrate your Helpdesk with your web-site by adding the support widget to your "contact us" page.

The whole setup process takes 30 seconds, all you need to do is type your email and name to the free trial form and you're done, the SaaS help desk is up and running, ready to accept support tickets from your customers.

When is a New ticketing system Needed?

A new cloud based help desk is needed when you are ready to streamline the support process and make it simple. A switch must also be made when you are looking to save loads of cash on a support solution.

Prior to the advent of help desk software customer service for internet wbased companies was a bit of a lottery. Even with decent protocols in place it was still possible for important notes or emails to fall through the cracks. Help desk software gives every business the opportunity to track and assign user interactions in one central location through a simple and manageable user interface.

Why a SaaS Ticketing System?

There are multiple headaches associated with self-hosted downloadable helpdesk applications . You need programmers and IT teams to install, test and run them and you need to have your own expensive servers to host them on. A SaaS ticketing system circumvents all of that by being hosted by us in the cloud as “software as a service”. We take care of:

  • Upgrades – No patching, hotfixes, updates or upgrades. You'll always have the latest version.
  • Servicing – We work tirelessly looking for ways to speed up and simplify the code so your service desk is always working as quickly as you.
  • Data back-ups – We back-up all your data AND the entire server daily so there is never any chance of losing crucial sensitive information.
  • Security – There's no need to worry about malware or viruses corrupting your system and compromising your data. Hosted on the internet a SaaS ticketing system is immune to such attacks.

And that's why it's called SaaS – because we provide a great service.

Additional Benefits

Providing everything a saas help desk needs such as asset management, reports and knowledge base, file attachments and conversion of emails into tickets, our web based help desk is accessible everywhere. The ability to literally be on the button to deal with queries with our Android or iPhone apps means you and your support team don't need to be tied to a desk or office.

We've also kept the price as low as we can with the freelancer package costing less than a dollar a day, and the top spec enterprise package offers unlimited users and storage space for attachments at a price we think is unbeatable.

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SaaS is the future

The modern economy is marginalizing the value of legacy software applications. Traditional software involves significant up-front acquisition costs and requires recurring maintenance, support and upgrade costs that are multiples of initial acquisition costs.

SaaS, on the other hand, saves a customer from these costs. The saas helpdesk software runs on a remote server that is maintained by the vendor. "Multi-tenant" SaaS software (one server/database for multiple customers) allowed saas vendors to keep the cost of infrastructure and associated maintenance low so that they could make some money in the hosted software market and pass on savings to customers in the form of reduced subscription fees.

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