Tickets grid (list)

Tickets page is the main working space for both end-users and the support technicians. It displays active tickets in the system, grouped by categories for your convenience. The grid refreshes automatically, checking for new tickets in the background.


This page only displays tickets you are permitted to view, that is - tickets you're handling (if you're a technician), tickets you submitted or tickets you're "subscribed" to, etc.

If the helpdesk administrator has made you a "technician" i.e. granted you the permission to handle tickets in some categories, you will see all tickets in that category on this page. If you are the administrator - you can see all tickets in the helpdesk ticketing system.

Click a category to see a list of tickets in that category. SHIFT + Click multiple categories to filter by multiple categories at once.

Same with tags - click a tag to get tickets with that tag or SHIFT + Click to filter by mutliple tags.

Top-menu filters

Optionally you can use the toolbar at the top:

  • Unanswered tickets - this tabs shows tickets that require attention and is the recommended way to view tickets. Typically you will use this tab on a daily basis. This tab shows unanswered tickets from customers (i.e. "new" or "updated by customer" tickets), overdue tickets (regardless of their status) and tickets updated by a technician with the "for technicians view only" flag set, since those tickets typically require an answer from another technician.
  • Unclosed tickets - this tab shows all active (unclosed) tickets, you have permission to see
  • Unassigned tickets - tickets that do not have a "technician" assigned to it yet
  • Tickets you handle - unclosed tickets that are assigned to you
  • ALL tickets - this tab shows ALL tickets you have permissions to view, including the closed ones

Bulk actions

You can select multiple tickets using the checkboxes on the right (use SHIFT+Click to select all tickets between the two clicked checkboxes) and perform a "bulk-action".

Merging and linking tickets

The ticket-list page allows merging and linking tickets. To merge two or more tickets - select them in the list then click the "merge" link. The tickets will be merged into one.

To "link" similar tickets to each other - select them and click "link" (linked tickets will be displayed int the "related tickets" section when you open them).

Closing, Deleting, etc

After selecitng multiple tickets you can also, Close, Assign, Delete, Change category, Change prioirty etc.

Sorting and Filtering tickets

In addition to "ticket categories" menu on the left, there's an advanced filter dropdown. You can filter tickets by date, priority, status, the company (or user) they come from, last-updated date etc. After setting up a filter you can "save" the filter, so it's always available in the menu for later user. The filters are saved on a "per user" basis.

Below tha category navigation there's a sorting dropdown, where you select a column and chose ascending/descending order. Same can be achieved by clicking a column header

Hide/show columns

By clicking select columns to display link you can customize which columns are shown/hidden from the ticket grid.

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