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Helpdesk POP/IMAP Servers

Add/remove a POP/IMAP/O365 mailbox that the helpdesk software will check:

  • POP3/IMAP-server hostname - server hostname or IP address.
  • Server port - port.
  • Server login - username to log in to POP3/IMAP server.
  • Server password - user's password.
  • Use SSL - if the server requires a secure connection.
  • Category for new tickets for this account - default category for new tickets, generated from emails coming from this mailbox. This overrides the default setting.
  • Test button - tests the connectivity using the values entered.

The incoming email module works like this:

  • The helpdesk software periodically checks a given POP/IMAP account(s).
  • When an email is detected - it adds a ticket to the helpdesk (or adds a comment to an existing ticket) and removes the message from the server (when using POP) or optionally marks it as "seen" AKA "read" (if using IMAP) - if you enable this setting.
  • NOTE: If one or more CC addresses are found in the incoming email, the CC-users are added to the newly created ticket (this works for NEW messages, not emails to existing tickets).