User Profile Editor

Use this page to change your own username, password, or email in the helpdesk system.

You can also set optional info, like your phone, location, full name, or the avatar-picture (the helpdesk app uses Gravatar service for avatars, unless you're using the AD-integrated on-premises version of helpdesk that picks the images from the Active Directory).

For helpdesk agents, there are also special fields to edit "signature" and "greeting", these are added to all your helpdesk messages. You can insert "#FirstName#" and "#LastName#" tags in your greeting, like - "Dear #FirstName#, thanks for contacting us".

Editing a user

If you're an Administrator editing someone else's profile, more user settings become visible on this page. Like editing user permissons and user roles. Check it out


You can upload your own avatar image, if avatars are enabled in your Helpdesk by your administrators. The avatar image should be in a form of square - 100x100 pixels and 50Kb max. If you don't upload your own image, Helpdesk will try to obtain the image from using your email address.

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