Customer Satisfaction Report

The Customer Satisfaction Report is a newly added feature, currently in beta, that allows helpdesk administrators to track and analyze feedback from users regarding their support experience.

To utilize this report, it's necessary to start collecting "satisfaction feedback" from users. This is done by adding the #RatingLinks# mask to the "Ticket closed" email template, which provides users with a clickable link to rate their support experience.

Users can filter the report data by selecting specific categories, creation dates, the assignee of the ticket, and the associated company name.


  • Donut Chart: The report prominently features a donut chart that visualizes the percentage of tickets that have been rated. In the screenshot, it shows 100% unrated feedback, suggesting that no feedback has been collected for the current selection.

  • List of Tickets: Beneath the chart is a list of tickets with subjects such as "Re: Your SaaS Help Desk" and "IP restriction", along with their assignees and statuses (e.g., closed, updated by tech).

  • CSV Export: Allows the user to export the report data in a CSV format for further analysis or record-keeping outside the helpdesk system.

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