Technician Statistics

The Technician Statistics report provides an overview of individual technician performance metrics, offering insights into tickets handled, response times, and workload distribution.

Key Features and Metrics

  • Technician Performance Table: Displays a range of statistics for each technician, including:

    • Tickets Closed - are the tickets that were closed during the selected date range.
    • Active Tickets - are the tickets that were "active" within the date range at least once ("active" - simply means any status but "closed").
    • Overdue Tickets - are either tickets that have been closed after due date, or unclosed yeat, but the due date has passed.
    • Tickets Submitted - tickets this technician has created
    • Tickets Created on Behalf of Others
    • Last Seen - whan was the agent last seen in the app
    • **Time Spent (**Sum) - is simply a SUM of "time spent" for all the tickets assigned to a technician, and created within the date range.
    • Response Time (Average and Median) - is time between ticket creation date and ticket "start date" (when it's been moved to "in-process").
    • Duration (Average and Median) - "Duration" AKA "Resolution time" is time between ticket creation and ticket closing. The date range works like this: the report shows tickets that were CLOSED within the date range, or STAYED OPEN within the date range.
    • Reply Sum - numebr of all replies written during the selected period

Interactive Charts

  • Active Tickets Pie Chart: Visualizes the distribution of active tickets among technicians.
  • Closed Tickets Pie Chart: Shows the proportion of tickets closed by each technician.
  • Active Tickets Age by Technician: A breakdown of active tickets by their age (e.g., less than 1 day, 1 day, 2 days, etc.) for each technician, helping to identify tickets that may need prompt attention.

Category Permissions Audit: Lists which technician has access to handle tickets in specific categories, ensuring accountability and proper access control.

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