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New KB Article

The "new KB article" page is visible to helpdesk "technicians" and administrators only. Use it to create new articles in the Knowledge Base.

Subject Enter a concise and descriptive title for the KB article. This will be the first thing users see in search results. Example: "How to Reset Your Password"

Details: Provide a detailed description of the solution or information. You can format the text using the toolbar options for bold, italic, underline, text alignment, lists, links etc. Example: Detailed steps for resetting a password, including any necessary precautions.

Category: Choose an appropriate category from the dropdown list to classify the KB article, making it easier for users to find related content. The categories can be added/removed under "Admin - Ticket categories"

Visibility: Tick the "For technicians only" box if the article should only be visible to support staff and not to the general user base.

Tags: Add relevant tags to the article to aid in search and organization. Tags should be keywords related to the article's content. They are also used to auto-suggest relevant articles to end-users (along with AI-powered suggestions of course). Example: "password", "reset", "authentication".

Attachments: You can attach files to the article (upload from your device or use cloud-hosted files from OneDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox - if you've enabled those integration under "Admin - Integrations"

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