Helpdesk Due Dates Calendar View

The Due Dates Calendar View is an interactive feature in Jitbit Helpdesk that displays all upcoming ticket due dates in a calendar format. This intuitive layout is designed to assist in planning and analyzing the helpdesk's workload. It also transforms the helpdesk into a versatile project management tool, allowing you to track tasks and timelines effectively.


If a ticket has no "due date" set, it won't show up in this view.

Features of the Calendar View

Calendar Layout: Tickets with due dates are visible on the calendar, providing a clear monthly, weekly, or daily overview of the workload. Hover over a ticket to view a summary. Click on a ticket to open its detailed view. Drag and Drop Functionality: Change the due dates of tickets by simply dragging and dropping them to the desired date on the calendar. Export to iCal: Conveniently export the calendar data to iCal format for integration with other calendar applications. Time Navigation: Move through the calendar by day, week, or month using the navigation controls.

Tips for Effective Use

Regular Check: Start your day by reviewing the calendar to prioritize tasks. Due Date Accuracy: Ensure due dates are set correctly to reflect actual deadlines. Team Coordination: Use the calendar to coordinate deadlines and responsibilities among team members.

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