Overdue tickets

The 'Overdue Tickets Report' page in the helpdesk system is designed to manage and review tickets that have not been resolved within their expected time frame. This report is crucial for tracking tickets that may require immediate attention or a change in the support approach.

This report includes three types of tickets:

  • Unclosed tickets currently overdue: Tickets that have passed their expected resolution date and remain open.

  • Tickets with changed due dates: Tickets that were overdue, but then had their due date extended.

Users can select the time frame for the report from the dropdown menu (e.g., 30 days), and click the build button to initiate the report generation based on the selected time frame.


The report output will display the tickets list with following columns: ticket subject, the due date of the ticket, and a count of how many times the ticket became overdue, which can indicate tickets that have been problematic or require additional resources.