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Live Chat & "Contect us" widget

This section of the administration panel allows you to configure and integrate a live chat widget and a "contact us" widgets into your website. This lightweight chat widget appears at the bottom of your site, enabling real-time interaction with visitors.

Configuration Instructions

  1. JavaScript Widget Code: Provides the HTML <script> snippet that you need to insert into your website's code to display the chat widget. This code snippet includes customizable settings such as:

    • position: Determines whether the widget appears on the "right" or "left" side of the screen.
    • bgColor: Sets the background color of the chat button.
    • fgColor: Changes the foreground color.
    • borderColor: Alters the color of the widget's border.
    • categoryId: Assigns a pre-selected category for the chat.
    • hideCategory: Hides the category select box if set to "1".
    • autoShow: Defines a time delay in seconds after which the widget will automatically appear.
    • email: Prefills the user email if known in your application.
    • The settings are optional, and removing them will revert to default values.
  2. You can open or close the widget programmatically using the hdwidget.toggleWidget() function within your website’s JavaScript code.

  3. Demo Link: A "See the demo" link is available for administrators to preview the functionality of the chat widget.

Below the chat widget code, there is a separate section titled 'Support form popup link' that includes an HTML anchor (<a>) tag and script. This code snippet is used to create a link that, when clicked, will pop up a ticket submission form, allowing users to submit a support ticket directly. Place it onto your "contact us" page to allow users creating tickets from your website.

By placing the provided code snippets on your website, you enable live chat support and ticket submission functionality, enhancing customer support and user engagement.

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