Knowledge Base report

The Knowledge Base report contains the following information:

  • Activity graph: Graphical Representation showing two types of activities - Articles Viewed and Searches Performed. This graph illustrates the number of times knowledge base articles have been viewed and how many searches were conducted on specific days.

  • Top Viewed Articles: A list of articles with their titles and the number of views each has received. This list helps to identify which helpdesk articles are most frequently accessed, indicating their relevance or popularity.

  • Recent Searches: This section lists the queries that have been recently searched for in the helpdesk's knowledge base. It shows the search term and the number of results found for each query, which can provide insight into what information users are seeking and whether they are finding it effectively.

  • Total Activity Summary: At the bottom of the 'Top Viewed Articles' list, there is a total count of views, summing up all the article views within the reported period.

Custom Report