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Custom Fields

"Custom Fields" are additional properties you want your helpdesk tickets to have. For example, you might want to add a field named "Computer model" to your tickets, so the user fills this field when submitting a new ticket to the helpdesk system.

This page lists all custom fields available in the helpdesk and allows creating new ones. Each custom field has a:

  • Name - custom field name
  • Type - can be text, date (comes with a date-picker box), drop-down-list, checkbox, number, address (the latter is just a text box taht providess address autocomplete as you type, connected to Google Maps) and multiselect drop down list (currently in beta)
  • Used in categories - allows assigning a custom field to particular categories. WARNING! Changing categories for a custom field will clear the custom field values for those tickets, that don't belong to selected categories. For example, if you assign a custom field to "Category X", all support tickets not in "Category X" will have this field cleared. Also note that moving tickets between categories will also clear the custom field, in case the new category does not have this custom field.
  • Show in grid - whether to show this field in the tickets list. Having a lot of fields in the grid can cause performance issues.
  • Permissions - Everyone, For technicians (helpdesk agents) only, Admins or "View: Everyone Edit: Technicians only"
  • Mandatory - when a field is mandatory, one cannot create (or close) a ticket without filling it first.

You can rearrange the field order by dragging and dropping.

P.S. You can also add custom fields to Users and Companies within the helpdesk system.