Search the Helpdesk

Helpdesk software search engine - use it to search for a support ticket. The search engine returns only the tickets you have permission to view. All search parameters are optional.

Open this page by either using the search field at the top and hitting the Enter key, or just click the magnifying glass icon inside the top search field.

  • Search textbox - enter a keyword to search for. The application will search for the keyword in ticket subject, ticket body, and the submitter email/name.

  • Date from - return tickets within a date interval.

  • Date to - return tickets within a date interval.

  • From - return tickets from a particular user.

  • Assigned to - return tickets handled by a particular technician.

  • Category - return tickets in a particular category.

  • Status - return tickets in a status (or NOT in a status).

  • Ticket ID - search for a ticket by ID.

  • "Has Tags" - search for tickets that have these tags.

  • "Doesn't have tags" - search for tickets that DO NOT have these tags.

  • Custom fields - search by custom fields.

  • Show latest entries from the log - return a number of the latest ticket comment from the log.

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