Audit Log

The "Audit Log" page provides a historical record of "destructive" actions and events within the system. This includes:

  • deleting tickets, categories, custom fields, users, companies, automation rules
  • reasons why an incoming email has been rejeceted (spam, user is deactivated, flood protection etc)
  • email server errors
  • editing tickets and/or users (like, changing a password)
  • etc.

Use this page to investigate recent incidents and destructive actions.

The UI includes:

  • Date Filter: Allows you to filter the log entries by date range, such as "Last week", "Last month", custom range etc.
  • User Filter: Enables filtering of log entries by specific user.
  • Search Bar: Use this to search for specific terms within the audit log.
  • Build/Refresh Button: Click to refresh the log entries or rebuild the list based on selected filters.

The log is read-only and provides a timestamp for each entry to help with tracking and auditing purposes.

Regularly reviewing the audit log can help with maintaining the system's integrity and with compliance with various regulations.

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