Helpdesk Reports Area

Almost every report in the helpdesk system allows selecting a date range: Today, Last week, Last month or Custom, and then additionally filter the data by ticket-category, technician etc.

The following reports are available in the helpdesk system:

Ticket reports

  • Summary report shows a list of tickets within a date range, with a diagram - how many tickets you have in different statuses and different categories.
  • Tickets per day report shows a bar chart - each bar shows a number of tickets submitted and closed per day.
  • Custom report allows you to build a custom report with various parameters.
  • Response speed shows average response times and total resolution times.
  • Overdue tickets tickets that are (or were) passed due date
  • Scheduled tickets shows all scheduled tickets in the helpdesk system.
  • Real-time dashboard shows currently active tickets, new tickets, online agents, average response time, total tickets, etc. The dashboard updates automatically in real time.
  • Due dates calendar show tickets with non-empty "due dates" in a calendar layout, you can even drag-and-drop tickets on a calendar to organize your schedule.
  • Kanban visual Kanban board that allows dragging tickets between statuses

User reports

  • User statistics shows a list of users with a number of tickets submitted by user - both closed and active.
  • Company statistics tickets numbers grouped by companies.
  • Technician statistics shows a list of users with a number of tickets handled by user and tickets closed by user.
  • Customer satisfaction satisfaction rating summary

System reports

  • Knowledge base show most popular articles in the knowledge base, view statistics and KB search history so you can see what users miss the most
  • Deleted tickets trash bin - recently deleted tickets
  • Audit Log - contains entries of various system actions and events like deleting tickets, categories, custom fields, users, companies, etc.

Report permissions

If you need additional control over reports permissions, you can adust permissions after clicking the "Edit report permissons" at the bottom. The availble levels are Administrators, Technicians, Technicians and managers that can be set for each report.

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