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Ticket Tags

The Tags Management section of the Helpdesk Ticketing System is designed to help organize tickets, knowledge base articles, asset records and "ideas" from the ideas forum. By assigning tags, administrators and support staff can efficiently search and filter entries to streamline support processes.

Difference between "categories" and "tags"

A ticket can be asigned to one category only. Categories are also used to control technician permissions.

However, a ticket can have multiple tags assigned to it. Tags are simply labels that add another layer of grouping tickets. Tags are also used for Knowledge base articles, "ideas" in the feature-suggestion forum, and assets.

Understanding the Tags Page

The Tags page can be found under the 'Administration' tab - 'Ticket categories and permissions' - 'Tags'. The page displays a list of all tags used within the system. Each tag has associated counts for four categories:

Tickets: The number of tickets currently associated with the tag. Knowledge Base: The number of knowledge base entries associated with the tag. Assets: The number of asset records associated with the tag. Ideas: The number of "ideas" in the ideas-forum (the place where customers post feature requests to your app or service).

Adding a New Tag

To add a new tag simply tag a ticket with it (just type a name and hit "Enter" in the "tags" textbox when editing a ticket, an asset or knowledge-base article). As you type the tag name, you are also presented with an "autocomplete" suggestion box, that lists existing tags in the system.

Deleting a tag

Jitbit Helpdesk automatically cleans unused tags on the background all the time.

However, if you still want to delete one or more tags, mark them using the checkboxes in the right column and hit "delete".

Searching by tags

When browsing existing tickets, knowledge-base articles, assets, etc. you'll notice a list list of tags available. Simply click a tag to find all items "tagged" by that name.

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