Help desk software for MSPs

Managed Sevice Providers (MSP) are companies that remotely manage IT infrastructure and end-user systems for other companies, usually small and medium businesses. Due to the nature of their work, MSPs have high demands when it comes to choosing help desk software since they require a wide array of advanced features such as asset management, SLAs, etc. Let's take a look the most significant MSP demands and see what Jitbit Helpdesk can offer to your company.

ITIL, ITSM and change management

ITIL and ITSM are different customer support specifications. In short, these specifications require the helpdesk software to be a single point of contact between the service provider and the service customers. Because of that, they require the help desk app to support some very specific features, like the asset, incident and change management, knowledge base and more.

Jitbit Helpdesk fully supports the ITIL specification and provides you with everything you need, including:

  • Multiple ways to log an incident (web, mobile, widget, and email)
  • Ticket identification, categorization, and prioritization
  • Communication with customers withing incidents
  • SLAs, automation, etc.

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Assign end-users to "companies"

MSPs usually work with several companies, and Jitbit makes it pretty easy:

  • It can automatically assign users with the same email-domain to the same company (this can be fine-tuned or even disabled)
  • Provides "per company" stats and logs
  • Set up automation macros to auto-assign tickets to proper agents based on which company they come from
  • Optionally assign "managers" in a company - people who can see other users' tickets in the same company, change priorities, etc.
  • Set up single sign-on with an external SAML provider

SLAs and automation

Most MSPs sign SLAs with their customers that require to reply and resolve tickets within a specific timeframe. To prevent your company from getting in trouble for violating an SLA, Jitbit Helpdesk gives you multiple ways to manage this automatically.

You can create SLAs on per customer basis using a combination of Jitbit features such as due dates and automation rules. For example, if you have an SLA with a company named "Acme", you can create a rule that looks something like this:

  • When a ticket is created
  • and it was created from an email
  • set the due date to 3 hours from now

After you create the rule Jitbit will set due dates automatically and you will be able to easily see which tickets need your reply next.

But that's not all. Automation rules let you do a lot more. For example, you can auto-assign a technician to tickets from specific customers.

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Knowledge base

A well-maintained knowledge base is a great asset to any MSP. With Jitbit you can create public or private articles and categorize them. By default, the knowledge base is the first page your customers will see when visiting your helpdesk. They will be able to see featured articles and search for other ones.

Jitbit also uses AI features to automatically suggest related KB articles to your customers while they type out their ticket and after the ticket was submitted. We also suggest articles to technicians when they open tickets. That way we are hoping to help you keep the resolution time to a minimum and reduce the amount of work you have to do.

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Of all the features, having detailed Reports is probably the most important one. Jitbit Helpdesk comes with a wide variety of reports that will help you see who are your demanding customers, the least productive employees and a lot more. You can easily see what your current tendencies are - is you response time up or down since the last week? How many tickets did you get this month? How much time have you spent on this particular customer? You can answer these and other questions with reports in Jitbit.

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