IT Support Software

IT Support Software

There are the two types of IT support software:

  1. Remote support software that helps support agents connect to users' computers remotely and assist in solving technical problems.
  2. IT ticketing system - a system that helps managing incoming support requests (aka "support cases") logged by your users.

Jitbit offers the second type of IT support software - a web application that helps you to organize and manage support tickets from customers and employees.

IT support ticket management

IT pros require an easy and efficient app to help them perform their job. The UI should be neat and simple so they don't end up with even more headaches. They need a portal to manage all support requests in one place - phone calls, emails and web-form requests. They need a knowledge-base to store and share solutions to common problems. They need file-attachments. They need asset-management. They need support ticket software

The must have features are:

  • Tracking requests by user, by category, by tag, sorting by "due dates", assets etc.
  • Logging requests from a computer, smartphone or ANY other device that supports email or web-browsing.
  • Logging requests "on behalf" of other users.
  • Organizing tickets and tasks. Assign them to users.
  • Reporting tha includes all the IT-team's metrics, like "first response time", "average time spent" etc.
  • Knowledge-base and self-serve customer portal
  • A "contact us" widget that you cann add to your public-facing website or internal resources
  • Integration with external bug-trackers, CRM and project-management services
  • Active Directory integration

MSPs also often require time-trcking (for automated billing), reporting and analytics (to access performance indicators without the need to write complex database queries), mobile app (for working on the go), SLAs and automation, providing support for multiple clients and "accounts".

All these features are present in Jitbit Helpdesk. Getting the job done and getting it done quickly and easily is all important when you're supporting your customers.

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