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Jitbit is a great alternative. We created this page to compare the prices and highlight the most important differences the two apps have. We hope it helps you make an informed decision.

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Pricing comparison

Self Hosted
Hosted version
Standard Plan
Enterprise Plan


3 Year Total (9 users) ( calculation) $3,397 $7,488 $9,720 $43,740
3 Year Total (20 users) ( calculation) $6,997 $16,992 $21,600 $97,200


Advanced reports Yes Yes No Yes
Multiple languages Yes Yes No Yes
Searchable data Unlimited Unlimited 6 months Unlimited
Custom SSL certificate for custom domains Yes Yes No Yes
Social media integration No No Yes Yes

Why choose Jitbit over Desk?

Our primary focus was building a neat and easy-to-use helpdesk system with a carefully selected set of features. And at the same time, including all the functionality a support agent needs from a helpdesk tool. We meticulously reviewed every new feature we added over the last 7 years, realizing, that you're going to use the app every day, so we did our best to get out of the way.

Unlike we do not have Twitter and Facebook integration, but we do have all the hardcore perks, like file-attachments, Active Directory and SAML authentication, 3rd-party integrations (JIRA, Dropbox, Bitbucket etc), automation jobs and triggers, reporting module etc. etc.

Why choose

If you want Twitter, Facebook and voicemail integration, go for Also, if you really need to have every possible feature ever and don't mind paying serious money for it, you should also choose

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