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Freshdesk vs. Jitbit

Jitbit Helpdesk is a decent Freshdesk alternative and we decided to publish this comparison page to analyse the pricing plans and list the primary differences we think the two apps have. All in all both Jitbit and Freshdesk are pretty similar and we recommend you try us both before making your final call.

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Price comparison

Self Hosted
Hosted version
"Blossom" Plan
"Estate" Plan


3 Year Total (9 users) (calculation) $3,397 $7,488 $5,184 $22,680
3 Year Total (20 users) (calculation) $6,997 $16,992 $11,520 $50,400


Agent collision detection Yes Yes No Yes
Multiple SLAs Yes Yes No Yes
Unlimited customization Yes Yes No Yes
Custom SSL certificate for custom domains Yes Yes No No
Community forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated game mechanics No No Yes Yes
Social media integration No No Yes Yes

Jitbit pros

Our goal for the last seven years was creating a nice and simple customer support app that, on the other hand, has most of the features you may ever need. We carefully considered every feature we added to Jitbit Helpdesk over the years, keeping in mind that you're going to use it all day every day. And we've done our best to get out of the way and simply help you do you job.

Everything you see in Jitbit Helpdesk is a result of hundreds of hours of interviewing customers, thinking, discussing and even the developers fighting each other. If you value your time, we are sure you're going to like it.

Freshdesk pros

Freshdesk is unbeatable, if you want game mechanics in your app. For some customers it could be pretty cool, others won't need it at all. Also, they offer built-in community forums, social media integration and some other options that we do not have. Overall, Freshdesk is a decent helpdesk app and it is definitely worth your consideration

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