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Spiceworks vs. Jitbit

Jitbit Helpdesk is often considered as a Spiceworks alternative. That is why we decided to create this comparison sheet and save you some time by analyzing the pricing structure and highlight the most notable differences.

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Spiceworks, just as Jitbit, offers both self-hosted (on-premise) and hosted version.

Feature comparison

SLAs and automation Yes Yes No No
Unlimited customization Yes Yes No No
Agent collision detection Yes Yes No No
Automation rules and triggers Yes Yes No No
Asset management Yes Yes No No
Calendar scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assign multiple agents to a ticket Yes Yes No No
Desktop Applications No No Yes Yes

Why choose Spiceworks over Jitbit

The main reason to choose Spiceworks is obvious – it's the price. Their help desk version is free (powered by ADs). That said, their helpdesk software is an entry level app and lacks advanced features that are present in many other systems. If all you want is a basic helpdesk, Spiceworks is a very good deal.

Why choose Jitbit over Spiceworks?

Other than that, if you need something more from your helpdesk app, consider Jitbit. Jitbit Helpdesk probably has all the features you may need, is very easy to use and also not expensive.

Just take a look at the comparison table above. Jitbit comes with SLAs and automation engine, design customization options, agent collision detection, automation rules and triggers, asset management, calendar scheduling. Also, HIPAA Compliance, custom reports, logging and tons of different integrations.

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