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Help Desk Software Comparison

Helpdesk software is a really competitive niche. It's really hard to pick a ticketing system for your company. To save you some time we've compared Jitbit to other popular providers. You can find links to the detailed comparisons below.

Overall, most apps have mostly the same features, but the more technicians you have the more money you'll save with Jitbit. If you have just a couple of support agents our prices are still affordable and quite often lower than the competition. Some of the bigger providers offer free tiers for small companies, while we don't, but those plans are very limited on features.

Another thing that makes us different is that we offer an on-premise version that you can use on your own server. You can even purchase the source codes for additional customization.


Zenddesk is probably the most popular help desk software provider on the market. See how we compare to them in this article. Spoiler: we are a lot cheaper and have mostly the same features.


Freshdesk is great, but it is the same situation as with Zendesk - same features, better price in most cases. Although, we have to say that Freshdesk has some interesting, but non-essential, features. See more details.

Previously known as Assistly, kind of fell of in popularity after the Salesforce acquisition. is seriously expensive and they have a lot of limitations on their cheap plans (which are still really expensive). See the entire comparison.

Jira Service Desk

Newest addition to the Jira family, Jira Service Desk misses some essential features. We've made a very detailed comparison. Read it here.


OTRS is open-source and free on paper, but it comes with various tradeoffs. If you want a fully-featured solution you have to go for OTRS Business Solution which is really expensive. More information here.


Spiceworks is free and they offer both on-premise and hosted versions. However, it doesn't have any advanced features that really make a difference. Read the full article here.


UserVoice is a product feedback platform that allows suggesting and VOTING for new features, but can be really expensive. Compare Jitbit vs. UserVoice here.

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